We get it,

The world is set up all wrong.

Communities and individuals who are making real efforts to do the most good do not have the funds to do it in the limitless way that they should. And the ones with the most money often fail or exacerbate global issues.

This is wrong. We want to change this. Movements that do good and include us all in the future, deserve all the funds out there.

Brim is re-directing advertising spend directly to you so that you can deliver your greatness.

Brim is the place where you get access to direct funding from billions of re-channeled dollars of wasted advertising revenue. By working hand in hand with brands who match your goals, together we can create fun and inspiring initiatives for people to get involved with, instantly growing your revenue pot and team of change makers!

Let's do something amazing

Do you want to take part of the world’s first brand-powered impact community? Partner up with us to develop our first product release.

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