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We are an early-stage impact startup in Sweden that recently earned grants from the Swedish Innovation Agency (Vinnova) and the Swedish Advisory Agency (Almi). We have also participated in the Finnish accelerator program KIUAS.

Experts in various verticals have liked our vision and helped us refine the initial idea. The prototype app (on iOS and Adroid) is currently in testing phase and we are now raising seed funding for our Beta version.

The startup has been founded by a leading brand-impact expert - we are looking for an investor pool that believes in making the world a better place with brands as an integral part of the change process.

Brim is a for-profit startup with a strong business model.

Investor credentials important for Brim:

– Belief in building an industry-challenger company

– Passion to make the world a better place

– Time to devote as a mentor to the startup team

– Experience of international scaling

– Willingness to follow-on in later rounds

As an innovation, Brim has plans to drive the world forward with a new charter of branding, innovation, responsible shopping, impact and social change. We are empowering consumers and helping them create a better world. We are not in competition with anyone, we rather see ourselves as a collaborator for the greater good for everyone.

Here’s what Brim looks like in 5 years - now is the time to join us!

5 Million


10 000


5 000

Impact Organizations

50 000

Impact Initiatives

1 Billion USD

Impact Funding

ProuD Receiver of the Vinnova Innovation GRANT



Let's do something amazing

Do you want to take part of the world’s first brand-powered impact community? Partner up with us to develop our first product release.

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