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Brim is eliminating greenwashing so that you can make informed shopping decisions.  Your power lies in your pocket.

Greenwashing is when brands only show the good they do. Transparency is when they show you ALL they do and tell you what they're doing to be better!

You come to us to see which brands are aiming to dogood in the world;

Who is cleaning up their supply chain to eliminate deforestation and modern day slavery? Who is making actual effortsto minimize their ecological footprint? In the Brim app you get easy access to this information, so that you can make informed purchases.  

We are as sick as you are of brands greenwashing their position.

We believe in the power of community.  

As we collectively wake up as consumers, brands have no other choice but to pull their socks up!

That’s not all – The attention you give to these brands on BRIM, by, for example, watching their videos or being involved in a Sustainability Q&A with their CEO, gets rewarded.

You collect points from that brand which you can pass on to an NGO that is important to you. By donating these points (at the cost of the brand), you gain Levels within the app. These Levels reflect the exclusivity of the deals the brands offer you.

With your help (attention), together we can hold brands accountable and drive advertising revenue directly to where it will have the most impact: the NGOs who are doing the work to save the planet.

Let's do something amazing

Do you want to take part of the world’s first brand-powered impact community? Partner up with us to develop our first product release.

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