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Dear future partner,

A recent study shows that87% of Millennials want companies to address urgent social and environmental issues.*

To add to this we all know that ad-blocking is on the rise and consumers are ignoring over80% of digital ads .  What a waste, right!  

Thenhow are you going to reach the next generation?

Instead of wasting money on intrusive advertising that is turning your audience off, what if you put 50% of your ad spend straight to an NGO that your company believes in, one that matches your brand values.

The rest of your budget will go to sharing your stories on BRIM, the stories where you showcase the work that you are doing to help clean up the planet.

The ones that will earn real trust from an ever more environmentally-oriented crowd.

The ones that will shape the future for everyone!

Use your ad money to build a meaningful brand with true heart and power.


Proud receiver of the Vinnova Innovations grant 2021

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